Please come serve!


Connecting people who want to give help to those who need it is the reason Serve Moore started. We gathered the morning after the tornado to begin debris cleanup everywhere we could. We took to Twitter to offer anyone who wanted to help a place they could #ServeMoore. All these months later, people like you are still coming to serve alongside us and tens of thousands of others. Thank you. 


Some things to keep in mind as you plan your trip:

We value your time and effort. As such, we try not to over-book volunteers and fairly accept those volunteers on a first-come first-served basis. Your dates may not be available but let's have a conversation and figure out how we can put you to good use!

At this time you MUST be 14 or older to work with Serve Moore. If you're a minor, we'll need your parent or guardian to help you fill out this form: Minor Release form for 14 to 17 year olds.

You'll find our Frequently Asked Questions section helpful if you're planning a trip to serve with us.

Here because of a tweet?  Are you local and want to give some time to help others?
It's best to volunteer on a Saturday so we can team you up with others. OR if you have a team of people available for weekdays, awesome! Just sign up below and let us know when you can help. If you have any questions at all, please just call and chat with us about how you can serve!

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Tell Us About Yourself:

If you're looking to come serve Moore, OK and its surrounding communities, you've come to the right place! We just need a few pieces of information to get your trip started.

Here's how the whole process works:

1. You fill out this form
We'll get your info, check your dates against our forecast of work, and email you back about your reservation.

2. Your entire group submits assessments
Once your dates are confirmed, we'll send you a link to our Individual Assessment. When each group member tells us what they can or cannot do, we're able to effectively plan work for you.

3. We schedule your projects
About 2-4 weeks out, we will begin assigning you projects based on your skills and availability. Our Project Coordinators will likely email or call you with questions and to talk about the planned projects.

4. You arrive at Serve Moore HQ
Every volunteer with Serve Moore first visits HQ to meet us, get checked in, receive your work-orders, check out tools, and hear about all that is going on in our community. 

5. We work together the entire time
All volunteer teams check in with HQ throughout each day. We provide guidance on jobs, resources for materials, tools for projects, and help in any way we can. You provide us with notes and information about the project and any developments toward new projects.