Giving to support renewal in Moore and surrounding communities

Since May 2013, Serve Moore has responded to the tornadoes that tore through Central Oklahoma. Now, in March 2015, severe weather season in Oklahoma has begun. What were expected to be moderately severe thunderstorms spawned several tornadoes, one of which again struck South Oklahoma City and Moore.

Serve Moore's vision is to bring about renewal in these communities. We use that word because we want to more than recover from the storms. We know that God has a plan for eternal renewal and we want to model that here on Earth. We see that coming to life in volunteers moving debris, tarping roofs, and making minor repairs. But it can't stop there. Renewal also calls for projects like new playgrounds, new fences, new homes, park landscaping, painting storefronts and fire hydrants, and more!

Be assured that 100% of the funds given to Serve Moore will be used to directly impact those suffering because of these storms through our Renewal Plan. Donations are tax-deductible and will be organized to address the needs of many affected families and the community at large during the entire renewal process. 

This work will take all of us. Will you support this mission?

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